What Is the Right Dormer for Your Property

Popular types of Dormer Roofs


Dormers are commonly used to increase the usable space in a loft, providing full head height and usually containing a window. They are generally added to the rear of a property, however, subject to planning permission can be added o the side or front.
Dormers will create better airflow, improve lighting in the roof space and can add value to your property. There are several choices of Dormers to choose from and your reasons for having a Dormer or the type of roof will determine which one is best for your home. The 3 most popular are Flat Roof Dormer, Gable Roof Dormer and Hipped Roof Dormer.

Flat Roof Dormer

A flat roof dormer gives you maximum floor space and headroom and the larger window will give you more natural light. Your flat roof dormer can be designed to stay in keeping with your home. These dormers have a boxy feel to them and are generally the more affordable option.

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Gable Roof Dormer

A gable roof dormer has a roof that forms a peak with a triangular gable of wall beneath and will be 2 sided. If the gable roof is flared it will provide shade to the dormer window which is ideal if your home is south facing. This style of dormer is very stylish and can vary in size.

Hipped Roof Dormer

A hipped roof dormer has roofing material on three sides of the dormer and they maintain consistency with hipped roofs. The point at which the three sides join is over the center of the dormer rather than at the front. The hipped roof dormer looks more natural as it blends in so well with the roof of the property as tiles would be identical but is generally smaller than other dormers.

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