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If you are looking for a professional team to take care of tiling your roof here in Poole, AKT Roofing is the one for you. We are happy to offer the highest-quality tiled roofing at the most affordable prices in Poole. Our professional team is highly skilled and experienced in taking care of any tiled roofing needs from the start of the project until the finish, and we always leave our Poole clients’ more than satisfied.  

So, if you want to learn more about our stellar services, including tiled roofing, do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today by calling 01202 297 625, and we will answer all your inquiries.   

Reliable Tiled Roof Contractors in Poole  

Here at AKT Roofing, we take pride in the highly professional work ethic we bring to all our tiled roofing projects across Poole. As a result, we provide you with only the most excellent tiled roof services as we use the best techniques and high-quality materials.  

Our professionals recognise that each property has its unique needs, which is why we build aesthetically pleasing tiled roofs to fit your Poole property’s display and fulfil your requirements. With over five decades of expertise, our roofers have acquired a reputation for producing outstanding craftsmanship.  

Resilient and Bespoke Tiled Roof Designs

We here at AKT Roofing are happy to offer a wide range of tiled roof designs. We will provide you with a wide selection of colours to fit your unique aesthetic to complement your Poole property. Not only do we provide you with the most aesthetically pleasing designs, but you can rest assured our tiles are durable and sturdy to stand the test of weather and time. We only use the highest-quality tiles to provide you with the tiled roofing that matches your Poole property, so our tiled roofing reflects beauty, strength, and durability. 

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What is a Tile Roof?  

Tiled roofs have been used for millennia. They were developed to offer a barrier between the inside and harsh elements, much like any other roofing product. Local, natural, and recyclable materials such as terracotta (also known as clay), slate, and concrete make roof tiles. All three of these roofing materials provide long-term durability and fire resistance, two advantages that set them apart from the competition. So, tiled roofs are made of natural materials, including slate, concrete, or clay.  

To learn more about tiled roofs, you can get in touch with our team, and we can help you through what might suit your Poole property best. 


Advantages of Tiled Roof Installation  

Choosing to get tiled roofs done for your Poole property is a significant investment. Tiled roofs can last up to 100 years, even in the worst cases. Hail, strong winds, and even fire have all been known to cause damage to brick and concrete tile roofs. A tiled roof, unlike wood, can never rot. Leaks are practically unheard of, and tile roofs seldom need maintenance unless a strong wind damages them. You will never need to install another form of roofing after you have installed tile. 

Why Choose Us for your Tiled Roofing?

Tiled roofing requires a specific level of expertise and knowledge to be perfected. For this reason, our professional team is ready to cater to all your roofing issues and needs. We here at AKT Roofing are your go-to company for tiled roofing installation. We take pride in being accredited by ICB Waterproofing +, Safecontractor, and many more.  

Regardless matter which service you select, we will customise every detail to meet your requirements. This implies that we are continuously thinking about your vision. Our devoted staff will organise a visit to your location at a convenient time for you, ensuring that we work around your schedule. In addition, our Poole roofing professionals will check your roof thoroughly, whether you need a new roof or your present one is in dire need of repair. 


Now that you have learned about our tiled roof process and quality here in Poole, you must see for yourself. So surf through our gallery to check out our roofing projects. Our years of experience in the industry have allowed us to work on projects of varying sizes and complexities, allowing us to bring different styles to life. You might get inspired by our work for your next tiling project for your Poole property.  

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So, if you are looking to install tiled roofs or need an emergency repair, you know AKT roofing is your go-to company in Poole. We are proud to offer a wide variety of roofing services with free no-obligation quotations. We use innovative technology and high-quality products to deliver the best roofing services. Our experts are the best in the game and will provide you with a quick and efficient service. 

So, contact our friendly team today by calling us on 01202 297 625, and our friendly team would be happy to answer all your inquiries. Alternatively, you can fill our online contact form or email us at admin@aktroofing.co.uk, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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“After all the glorious sunshine, the sound of pouring rain should have been a blessing… but not inside the house. AKT Roofing was recommended to us. Adam came very quickly, assessed the damage very rapidly, and was very reassuring. His excellent team repaired it without delay. We were so relieved and impressed by the pleasantness, speed, charges and workmanship; we’d recommend them to anyone.”

Mr Bellars – Christchurch

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