Roof Insulation Christchurch

Are you searching for a company that specialises in roof insulation? Do you want to upgrade your existing pitched roof to make sure that it is in line with regulations? Well, look no further than our team here at AKT Roofing. We are experienced and qualified experts in insulation for pitched and flat roofs. When enlisting out professionals for loft insulation, you will receive a comprehensive service, ensuring that no detail is missed.  

As well as providing insulation for your loft, we also provide expert advice on how to maintain the condition of your roof. We go above and beyond in every single one of or roof services, whether that’s installing loft insulation or replacing tiles. Our team will arrange a site visit to discuss your insulation options and check the condition of your roof. For more information about our services, or to request a quote, give us a call today on 01202 297625

Roof Insulation Christchurch

Roof insulation is important for as it makes your property more energy efficient. By opting to have insulation installed between the joists, the rooms in your home will stay warm. With insulation placed in the rafters, your loft space will also stay warm, which is ideal if you are building a loft conversion.


The Best Choice for Roof Insulation Christchurch Has to Offer

By turning to our experts in loft insulation and roof insulation, you will be getting a premium service. A highly skilled team will oversee your project, using the finest resources available to ensure that your roof is fully insulated. 


Keep Your Home Warm and Dry with Premium Roof Insulation in Christchurch 

Failing to have quality insulation, could lead to problems down the line. It is important for residents to feel comfortable and warm in their home, especially during the winter months. Insulation will go a long way to achieving this. 

Does Roof Insulation Make a Difference? 

Absolutely. Having an insulated loft will make a difference, not only to the temperature throughout your house, but also to your energy bills. As we know, heat rises, and when you switch on the heating, most of it escapes through the roof. With adequate insulation, less heat is going to escape, which means you wont need to use your heating as often. 

Advantages of Roof Insulation

As well as helping your financials look healthier, insulation will reduce your carbon footprint. It is not secret how much the environment is suffering due to manmade behaviours. By having insulation in your loft, you are limiting the environmental impact. Your property as a whole will also be more energy efficient, which will result in a better rating on your Energy Performance Certificate. 

Also, if you are looking to add another room to your property, then having loft insulation will allow you to convert the space into a bedroom or office. 


How Does Roof Insulation Work?

With regards to a cold insulation, the material placed between the wooden joists will trap heat and prevent it from leaving the rooms below. Warm roof insulation will reduce heat loss in the loft space as opposed to just the rooms below the roof. 


Types of Roof Insulation Available 

Our insulation experts will provide you with an array of options when taking on your project. Below, we have outlined the common types generally used. 

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Batt or Blanket Loft Insulation

Available in foil-backed felt, glass fibre, rock or mineral fibre, batt or blanket insulation is used more often than other types of insulation. The non-irritating materials are ideal for filling exposed areas within the roof, such as cavities. 


Loose-Fill Lost Insulation

Made from cork granules, cellulose fibre, or mineral wool, this lightweight version of insulation will be used by our team if adding to existing insulation in your loft. It can easily slot into awkward spaces between joists. 


Sheet Loft Insulation

This type of loft insulation is ideal if you have recently turned the space into a bedroom or an office as it is designed to be used in the slopes of your roof. Our team can source sheet insulation boards that are fire resistant and moisture resistant. Not only that, but we can supply boards that have decorative features. 


What Type of Roof Insulation is Best?

There is not one type of insulation that is best, it all depends on your property and whether you are using the roof space or not. Rest assured that our professionals will advise on the most appropriate insulation for your property once we have discussed your requirements. No detail is missed, and feel free to ask our skilled professional any questions you may have

Why Choose Us for Your Roof Insulation in Christchurch?

Flexibility and affordability are two of our many features that make us stand out above other companies in our industry. During our discussion we will be entirely honest and advise on the best insulation for your property. Once you have mulled over our free no-obligation quote, we will schedule in a time and date to install your insulation. Rest assured that we vow to work around you. 


How Much Does Roof Insulation Cost?

There is not one set price for insulation as it is dependent on numerous factors, including the size of the project. When requesting a quote from us, we will gather all the details we need to give you a fair price for our insulation service.  


What is the Minimum Thickness for Roof Insulation?

For new builds and many other properties, the recommended minimum thickness for roof insulation is 270mm. Over the years, this figure has altered, so it is best to ask one of our experts before deciding on how much you require. 


The Best Team to Call for Your Roofing Needs

As well as providing top quality insulation services, every member of our team is friendly and approachable. With a wealth of experience behind us, you can trust our advice as well as expect excellent workmanship when hiring us to install insulation. We pride ourselves on our customer service, and this is one of many reasons why we are highly recommended in Dorset. 


Other Services on Offer at AKT Roofing

Our insulation services are a popular choice for many of our customers, but we specialise in all things related to roofs. Below, we have picked out a handful of services available to homeowners and commercial businesses. 



We install cladding systems on a range of different property exteriors, such as brick, concrete and masonry. With an array of colours and textures available, you can select your favoured style. Dont hesitate to request a free quote from our team today. 


Flat Roofing Insulation

Flat roofs are compatible with three types of insulation, including warm, cold, and inverted. Warm refers to insulation that is installed above the deck, while cold is insulation that is fitted below the deck and in between joists. Inverted insulation is placed above the weather membrane, protecting it from heat and cold. Our team will advise on the best insulation for your property. 


Drone Roof Surveys

To check the condition of your structure, we can offer state-of-the-art drone surveys. We are one of few companies in the area that provide this service, and you can expect detailed results. Our drones gather high-resolution images, capturing any signs of damage, no matter how small. 


Pitched Roofing Insulation

Pitched roofs are suitable for both warm insulation and cold insulation. As mentioned, if you are using the space as a bedroom or any other habitable space, then warm insulation is more appropriate. Cold insulation is better for properties that do not use their lofts. 


Chimney Works

If you are experiencing problems with your chimney, then give us a call as soon as possible. Our team can replace and fix any damaged or leaking lead work, as well as install bird proofing. Reductions and lead flashing are also among our list of services. Rest assured that whatever action we undertake, our professionals ensure that your chimney is safe and fully functional. 



They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and when you scroll through our gallery page, you will get glimpses of the stellar work that we have done. Here, we have showcased many projects, all of which have been completed to a high standard. This will give you an indication as what level of quality to expect from our dedicated team. 



As well as images, you can learn a lot about a company from what their customers say. One of the many reasons why we are the go-to company for so many homeowners and commercial businesses in Dorset is our reputation. Much of our work comes from recommendations and referrals such is the quality of what we do. Via our reviews page, you will find many 5-star recommendations from our customers. 

Read through our long list of first-hand accounts from satisfied customers, who are always willing to vouch for us. If you enlist our assistance for your project, you could join our growing client base. All you have to do is pick up the phone or contact us online. 

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Having adequate insulation for your roof is essential, and whether your property has a pitched roof or a flat roof, our team can assist. We have qualified and experienced roofing experts who will be able to advise on whether you require cold or warm loft insulation. You can trust our professionals to give you the advice you need to make an informed decision. As a company that operates honestly and transparently, we give customers high quality roof insulation services at an affordable price. 

To request an insulation quote from our team here at AKT Roofing, give us a call on 01202 297625. Alternatively, send an email to or fill in our online form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You will be walked through our process, which will be tailored to your needs and requirements. We look forward to working with you! 

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“After all the glorious sunshine, the sound of pouring rain should have been a blessing… but not inside the house. AKT Roofing was recommended to us. Adam came very quickly, assessed the damage very rapidly, and was very reassuring. His excellent team repaired it without delay. We were so relieved and impressed by the pleasantness, speed, charges and workmanship; we’d recommend them to anyone.”

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