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Choosing the right Skylight for your home!


Skylights improve our well being because the additional natural light that they provide can have physical and psychological benefits.
The 3 main types of skylights are ventilating, fixed and tubular and come in several shapes, flat, arched, curved, dome and pyramid. Choosing the correct one for you will depend on the reason for having one installed. You can choose from a fixed or opening skylight.
The main reasons for having an opening skylight would be for ventilation, smoke vents, temperature control and fire escapes.

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Lanterns are an aesthetically pleasing way to inject natural light into your home or place of work. They are exceptionally energy efficient throughout the year and require no planning permission.
Lanterns can increase the value of your property and will make a room feel substantially bigger. They are also beneficial to your health and well being due to the increase in natural daylight and they offer impressive sky views throughout the day and into the evening.
Lanterns are available in various shapes and sizes and can be installed into flat roof extensions, renovations and new builds and are commonly used in kitchens, Orangeries and LivinRooms.

Sun Tunnels

Sun Tunnels are a great addition to your home allowing in natural light where it hasn’t been before. They work by channeling natural sunlight from the roof down a highly reflective tube. There are two types of reflective sun tube to use for your sun tunnel  depending on your budget, a rigid sun tube or a flexible sun tube.
The more expensive option is the rigid sun tube and is the best option if you are looking to capture the most light possible, especially if you have a long distance between the roof and the ceiling  to the room your want to inject the light into or you are unable to have the sun tunnel on a south facing side of the roof for any reason.
The more affordable option is the flexible sun tube and is better suited to shorter distances due to the slightly crinkly reflective material because the very small creases in the flexible tube bounce the light around much more. This sun tunnel would be ideal if your budget was low, you are able to place it on the south facing side of the roof and the length required is 1.8 meters or shorter.

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