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Whether you are renovating your Poole property by upgrading your flat roof or your flat roof needs repair, you have come to the right place. We here at AKT Roofing are the best experts when it comes to flat roofing here in Poole. So whether you need to install or maintain flat roofs for commercial or personal property here in Poole, our team is always ready for the job.  

If you would like to learn more about our flat roof services here in Poole or would like to request a quote, you can get in touch with our team today. You can contact us by calling us on 01202 297 625, and we are ready to answer all your inquiries.  

Exceptional Flat Roof Poole Residents Can Trust  

Here at AKT Roofing, we pride ourselves in offering Poole residents the most exceptional flat roofs that perfectly fit your Poole property. Our flat roofing systems, no matter what you choose or need, are known to be made of the best materials and are consistently high performing and durable. You can rest confident that our professional team here will install your flat roofs efficiently with no disruptions. Our flat roofs also give beautiful finishes to match your Poole property aesthetics.  

Our flat roofing services are not only offered to domestic clients, but we are also happy to offer these services to our commercial Poole clients. Our flat roofing services include installations, repairs, and surveys to keep your flat roofs sturdy and exquisite. Our specialist roofers are ready to install or fix your flat roofs no matter the complexity and size you might need. To learn more, get in touch with our team today.  


Bespoke Flat Roof Designs   


We recognise that each client has their styles, aesthetics, and needs, which is why AKT Roofing offers a wide range of flat roof designs. There are many different roofing systems to choose from, and our experts at AKT Roofing can install any of them. As a result, we can install high-performing flat roof systems and long-lasting for residential and commercial structures. Built-up felt roofing systems, which are very easy to install and may have polyester or black slate finishes applied to enhance the aesthetics, are included in our options. 

Because it can be placed over an existing felt roof and requires little care, a single ply roof is a popular flat roofing choice. On the other hand, PVC membranes may be a better alternative if you own a primarily commercial structure. Mechanical resistance is provided, and it may be modified to structural changes. In addition, it can live for more than 35 years since it is UV-resistant and weather-resistant. 

Advantages of Flat Roof Installation  

Flat roofs are in style all over Poole for a good reason. Flat roof installation has many advantages. One of the most attractive benefits that come with flat roofing is cost-effectiveness: AKT Roofing offers you high-quality material at competitive prices. Moreover, flat roofs are easier to install and maintain while having a durable lifespan. Flat roofs also have fewer complications and problems, and maintenance is more accessible than other types of roofing. These flat roofs are ideal for routine maintenance since they are considerably safer and easy to check. Then you don’t have to worry about missteps, cleaning gutters, inspecting sidings, or just repairing a hole becomes a breeze. 

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Our Other Roofing Services  

Our talented AKT Roofing team offers you a wide range of roofing services alongside our renowned flat roofing installation. Some of our roofing services include:  

Read on to learn more about the roofing services we can offer your Poole property today.  


Drone Roof Surveys  

Most people are unaware that their roof has a problem until it is too late. Give us a call if you believe there may be some damage or if you want to check its overall condition. Poole clients, our drone surveys are sophisticated and comprehensive. We employ the most advanced drone technology, and highly certified and insured specialists operate the gadget. 

Roof Repairs  

Any repair work should be done with caution and only by a company with experience in this area. Roofs may be damaged for a variety of causes. The most prevalent reason is storms, although wear and tear, impacts from fallen trees and debris, and even insect activity can all play a role. If your roof is leaking, you’ve noticed moisture inside, or there are apparent cold spots, you’ll almost certainly need roofing repairs in Poole. 

Pitched Roofs  

Concrete, clay, and natural slate are among the roof tiling materials available from AKT Roofing for pitched roofing. Depending on the design of your Poole home, we may recommend the ideal material for a roof that is both visually attractive and compliments the existing characteristics. You can rest confident our professionals will help you choose the most fitting tiling. We will install your pitched roofs efficiently and quickly for you to enjoy.  

Chimney Works 

You may contact our AKT Roofing expert team if your chimney is coming apart or does not look well in general, and you want to make sure it isn’t causing any damage. We offer chimney lead work, chimney reduction, chimney removal, and bird proofing. 

If you need your chimney removed, our chimney removal experts will do so in a safe and timely manner. We also replace damaged or leaking lead work. So call AKT Roofing today to make your Poole home safer with our expert chimney services. 

Roof Skylights and Lanterns 

If you’re searching for a way to brighten up your Poole home, we think our roof skylights and lanterns are the way to go. AKT Roofing installs high-performance roof lights, skylights, and lanterns in addition to Velux windows. These energy-efficient roof lights can be installed on any exterior surface, such as brick, masonry, or concrete. 


We are pleased to be certified installers of the Fortex cladding line at AKT Roofing. This energy-saving cladding system comes in various colours and textures and may be installed on a variety of external surfaces, including brick, masonry, and concrete. For a free cladding estimate on installing a range of cladding systems, contact our specialists right now. 

You may rest assured that your textured cladding systems will last a long time if we install them. It’s also straightforward to put together because it’s intended for storage, fitting, and handling. It is both environmentally friendly and fashionable. 

Fascia, Soffit and Guttering Installation  

We can help you enhance the aesthetics of your house or company while also reducing water damage by installing and replacing fascias, soffits, and guttering. All of the installations and replacements will be handled by our skilled roofers. To discuss your requirements, contact AKT Roofing in Poole today. 

Why Choose Us for your Flat Roofing?  

We’ve established ourselves as the go-to Dorset roofing contractors thanks to our extensive list of services. If a range of services is available, customers will get all they need in one place. In addition, as experts in pitched and flat roofing, we can install and inspect new roofing for your house or business. 

Regardless of which roofing service you choose; we will tailor every aspect to your specifications. This means we are always considering your concept for your flat roof. Our dedicated team will organise a visit to your site when suitable for you, ensuring that we fit into your schedule. Furthermore, our Poole roofing experts will carefully inspect your roof to determine whether you require a new roof or whether your current one requires immediate repair. 

Other Areas We Cover  

In Bournemouth, Christchurch, Poole, and other places around Dorset, AKT Roofing deliver bespoke roofing at the most reasonable pricing. There’s no need to look further in Dorset for a low-cost roof. At AKT Roofing, we have the perfect combination of high-quality workmanship and exceptional customer service. We oversee the entire process from start to finish, ensuring that you receive the final look you desire. 


You must see our work for yourself now that you have learned about Poole’s flat roof procedure and quality. So please have a look at the roofing projects in our gallery. Our years in the field have allowed us to work on projects of all sizes and complexities, allowing us to bring various styles to life. You could be inspired by our work when it comes to your subsequent flat roofing Poole project.  


We are grateful for the outstanding reputation that AKT Roofing has earned due to our hard work and expertise. We strive to surpass our clients’ expectations, which is why they return for more services and recommend us to their friends and acquaintances. You can read what our clients say about their experience with our AKT Roofing crew on our testimonials website. 

Contact the Flat Roof Poole Contractors Today  

So, whether you require flat roof installation or an emergency repair, you know AKT roofing is the best business to call in Poole. We are pleased to provide a comprehensive range of roofing services as well as free, no-obligation estimates. To provide the most excellent roofing services, we employ cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials. Our professionals are the best in the industry and will offer you prompt and efficient service. 

So, contact our helpful team now by phoning 01202 297 625, and we’ll be delighted to answer any questions you have. You may also contact us by filling out our online contact form or sending an email to admin@aktroofing.co.uk, and we will respond as soon as possible. 


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“After all the glorious sunshine, the sound of pouring rain should have been a blessing… but not inside the house. AKT Roofing was recommended to us. Adam came very quickly, assessed the damage very rapidly, and was very reassuring. His excellent team repaired it without delay. We were so relieved and impressed by the pleasantness, speed, charges and workmanship; we’d recommend them to anyone.”

Mr Bellars – Christchurch

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